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Westway Community Street

What is the Community Street?

Westway Trust has secured funding from the GLA Good Growth Fund to make significant improvements to the estate through a project called Community Street. The Community Street encompasses the whole Westway estate from Westway Community Transport on Acklam Road to Stable Way and will include improvements to lighting, additional greening, tackling poor air quality and improving a number of the Trust’s buildings. 

Westway Community Street

Project Elements

Westway Community Street will deliver physical improvements and revitalisation to the Westway Trust estate, as well as improving economic opportunities for local people and businesses. This project is a recognition that local people find the spaces along the length of the flyover unsafe, isolating, polluted and difficult to navigate.

The Community Street will be a key wayfinding device providing local people and visitors with the confidence to explore the Westway Trust estate. It will provide more spaces for the community to access, with welcoming arrival spaces, improved public realm and public places to enjoy, particularly energising little used areas.

Westway Community Street Gardens
Westway Community Street

Project Timeline

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Elements of the Community Street

We will work with the community to develop a vision for the Community Street and explore a range of improvements including those listed below. We have a fixed budget for the first phase of the Community Street and through the co-design and design phase will agree priorities to be delivered in the next 18 months

A range of air quality improvement interventions including green infrastructure. We will also work in partnership with Universities to trial new and innovative solutions to poor air quality.

Illumination and animation across the mile long estate including Feature/artistic lighting. A specific focus on areas which feel unsafe and unloved to create distinctive and interesting light features.

Better integration of Portobello Green Arcade, Portobello Green, Thorpe Close and the Market Canopy resulting in a better trading and visitor experience.


Refurbishment of public toilets on Acklam Road – to provide facilities for market traders, visitors and those attending events in Acklam Village

Refurbishment of Portobello Green Arcade

Locally commissioned artwork on the walls and on the motorway pillars along the Westway estate which celebrate local heritage and culture

New street furniture and signage along the estate

As part of our commitment to place the community at the centre of everything we do, we hosted a series of briefings in early March 2021 to update stakeholders on the current work of the Trust and specifically to discuss the Community Street Project and to hear and take on board your feedback.

You can also watch a recording of one of the online events here.

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View the interactive map of the Westway Estate

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Upgrade to Portobello Green Arcade

Upgades to Bramleys Big Adventure

New public toilets in Acklam Village

Improved public realm, including Portobello Green