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Westway Community Street Gardens

Project Updates

We are excited to be moving into the delivery Phase of Community Street. Thank you to everyone who has given input so far.

Our local communities and interested parties came up with a total of 29 project ideas across the estate. These were costed at more than double our available budget of just over £2 million. The scope of these projects has been adjusted so that we are able to include as many as possible and we will begin to deliver these in phases. Please check below for regular updates as we reveal the 13 projects to be carried out.

community street - sports centre-20.jpg

Project started in March 2023 and now completed.

Awaiting installation of recycled bollards made by New markings have decorated the freshly re-tarmacked Pear Tree Walk. There are directional markings indicating pitch numbers, bike parking points and new games along the walkway.

Picnic benches have also been installed outside some of the pitches.

See it feature in ITV Sports x Adidas advert for Women's World Cup

281 portobello walkway.jpg
  • We have commissioned a new walkway which will be a neutral mosaic and this will be laid over concrete by the end of October 2023. 

  • New lighting - we are working on lighting improvement proposals for the front of the arcade. These will include strip lights, due to start in October 2023.

New Public Water Fountain

community street - sports centre-25.jpg

A facility that was requested through public consultation was the need of a water fountain for the general public, not just members of the sports centre that had access. This two point water fountain allows for drinking and bottle refills. 

Canopy tarmac design.jpg

The design for flooring has been agreed along with a new ACCO drain and recycled materials for seating and a new stage. 

This is due to start in mid-October and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.

  • We have appointed a civil engineer to carry out topographical surveys to the ground and this is now in progress. We will carry out test bore holes to understand the composition of the ground which will influence what material to use on the ground and how it will be levelled. 

External Power Supply to Bay57


The cable run and junction boxes are being installed for completion in October 2023 to provide access to power across Bay 57, primarily used on the weekends for people to gather and eat, but also used as an event space throughout the week.

Acklam WC-1.jpg
  • Duration of the works is programmed for 12 weeks, however this was delayed due to structural and design issues and installation of utilities. 

  • Sanitaryware has been installed

  • Cladding has been installed

  • Construction of the roof is in progress

  • Work to be completed before the end of the year 2023.

  • Have a look inside!

IMG-20221018-WA0002 (2).jpg

3 new picnic style benches with concrete bases were installed on the week of the 18th of October outside the Bay20 Community Centre in Maxilla Gardens.


Local school children from Kensington Aldridge Academy have created stunning artwork featuring African and Caribbean flags that now adorn the hoardings of Acklam Village in the heart of Portobello Market highlighting different countries using their flags and positive words surrounding each flag, as part of Black History Month.

Lighting Concept - Westway Community Street_Page_16.jpg
  • Our lighting installers are due to start around the Westway round-about, working their way through Maxilla, along Malton Road, Thorpe Close, the canopy, Portobello Green Arcade and finishing at Acklam Village.

  • New trench work has started for cables to be laid in order for the new lighting to be installed under the canopy. 

  • Urban Eye, who previously installed coloured lighting have been reconnecting these

Couple Window Shopping

The windows to the retail units within 281 Portobello Green Arcade that face onto Thorpe Close have been replaced with much larger and clear windows to allow visibility from street level to these businesses. 

Works were completed in March 2023.

Market stalls now line one side of Thorpe Close on market days to allow the shops to be visible on the other.


Two large planters have been delivered to Thorpe Close and are currently positioned on the end of Thorpe Close closest to Ladbroke Grove.

Previous Updates

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