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Westway Community Street Arcade

Upcoming Events

Between August and October 2021, we ran a series of co-design workshops and activities to collectively create proposals for the Community Street project. Workshops and activities were structured in four co-design weeks between August and October. For each of the four co-design weeks, workshops took place on Thursdays and Saturdays, and there were be various dates, times and formats to participate, including on-site face-to-face workshops, drop-in sessions and online workshops.


Below are the dates and details of the forthcoming workshops and activities. Please join us at our next set of workshops:

Wednesday 17th November 5pm-7pm Studio at Westway Sports Centre - We will be celebrating the completion of the first phase of the co-design process, showcasing some of the work participants have produced, presenting and discussing the results of the co-design, and the next steps.
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Below are the various opportunities to participate:

No upcoming events at the moment
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