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When Westway Trust secured funding from the GLA Good Growth Fund in 2020 to make significant improvements to the Westway estate, it was done with the commitment of true community participation from beginning to end.  

The Community Street project will deliver physical improvements and revitalisation to the Westway Trust estate, as well as improving economic opportunities for local people and businesses. The £2.5 million project will consist of: 

  • A range of air quality improvement interventions including green infrastructure.  

  • Illumination and animation across the mile long estate to create inspiring public spaces and address safety concerns 

  • Better integration of Portobello Green Arcade, Portobello Green, Thorpe Close and the Market Canopy resulting in a better trading and visitor experience. 

  • A number of buildings refurbishment projects including Acklam Road Public Toilets and Portobello Green Arcade 

  • New street furniture along the estate 

  • Directional and interpretive signage to direct people to key locations and to pockets of activity along the estate. 

  • Locally commissioned artwork on the walls and on the motorway pillars along the Westway estate which celebrate local heritage and culture 

Our commitment to community participation extended to the selection of our co-design and design partners. A selection panel of 8 people of which 4 were community representatives shortlisted and interviewed the candidates and selected the successful teams.  


The Community Street project has now entered its next, and most exciting phase – putting the community at the centre of the project’s co-design. Local consortium Lugadero has  been appointed as the co-design team for the project, responsible for facilitating the participation of the community in the design of the Community Street.


“We believe local knowledge must be at the centre of a genuine co-design process. Many of the area’s most valuable pieces of community infrastructure are the result of local people’s efforts. For this reason, we believe that a process led by local people will contribute to enhancing and improving the communities’ land and spaces. We look forward to reimagining these spaces with you.”, explained co-design team, Lugadero.


The community-based co-design team will work hand-in-hand with architectural design team DK-CM, taking the community’s visions and aspirations for the Westway estate, and turning them into world-class designs. 

Cristina Monteiro, founding co-director of DK-CM, said: ”The Westway is one of the most powerful places in London and its use by diverse local communities has been an inspiration to us for a long time. We’re delighted to be playing a role in the next stage of its history.” 

Westway Trust’s Chair, Toby Laurent Belson, explained why community participation must remain at the centre of this exciting project. 

“We are trying to rebuild the Trust with our community at the centre. So we are aiming for – and have already started! - a project that truly involves local people, improves our environment, and brings us together to share and build a vision with each other over the next 2 years. I look ahead to making the most of it and seeing our local brilliance on display all the way.” 

The community-based co-design team has planned a programme of in-person and online co-design events, starting on Thursday 19 August. The programme is designed for a range of important stakeholders, including Westway Trust tenants and Member Organisations, market traders, community groups, community space users, visitors and of course our neighbours and the wider community.


The full programme of co-design events can be found at www.communitystreet.org 

As the local participation in the delivery of the Community Street Project is a key for the Trust, as well as participation in the co-design and design workshops, you can: 

  • Join the Project Steering or Project Delivery Group (see community street website for details) 

  • Participate in Youth Steering Group 

  • Participate in future selection panels for construction partners